Our areas of application in Food / Tobacco

For your sensitive processes, LTG offers air-conditioning concepts combined with sophisticated technology. Regardless of which foodstuffs or stimulant you produce, whether grain, tobacco, meat, sausage, bakery or pasta, when it comes to uniform and gentle heat treatment or drying of food of any kind, LTG fans help to further perfect your demanding production facility. To bake bread rolls evenly brown on all sides, perfectly smoke the sausage through, make pastry rise quickly and evenly or separate the wheat from the chaff: food that meets highest customer requirements place highest demands to air conditioning, air routing and homogenous distribution in production. In crafts or industry – whenever you want to achieve end products in consistent top quality, concurrently high productivity and energy efficiency, we can help optimize your high-quality production system with perfect air technology. From processing the raw materials to various interim products or other refining stages to the finished food, we develop the matching air-technology solution for any process step. Sensitive handling and protective processing, the shortest possible process times at high production output and compliance with hygienic standards for a safe end product are at the focus. Different application solutions can be found here. For your individual tasks we use our innovative power as well as our vast experience in all areas of air technology and we accompany you from customized conception to the final start-up.