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To create best conditions for people and processes, LTG Comfort Air Technology creates customized solutions that inspire: with efficient air-water systems, attractive air diffusers and precise products for air distribution. Click here for LTG innovations for building air conditioning.

Decentralized Unit FVP pulse-B
Decentralized unit FVP pulse-V sill Installation
Decentralized unit FVP pulse-D ceiling installation
Decentralized unit FVS-1000 Eco2School ceiling/wall installation
Decentralized unit FVS-600 Eco2School ceiling/wall installation
Induction unit floor Installation HFB / HFB sf Smart Flow
Induction Unit sill installation HFG
Induction unit sill Installation HFV sf Smart Flow
Induction Unit HFG-0/D ceiling installation
Induction Unit HFF suite ceiling installation
Fan coil Unit sill installation QVC
Fan coil Unit sill installation VFC-N
Fan coil Unit sill installation VFC
Accessories Control Air-Water-Systems
Accessories Air-Water-Systems
Linear Diffuser LDU-W/H floor installation
Linear Diffuser LDU 30/.../- floor installation
Linear Diffuser LDU 30/.../U floor installation
Linear Diffuser LDU-W floor installation
Linear Diffuser LDU LDU 30/.../S floor installation
Linear Diffuser LDB 50 maxx ceiling installation
Linear Diffuser LDB 20 classic ceiling mounted
Linear Diffuser LDB 12 style ceiling mounted
Linear Diffuser LDB 12 clean ceiling installation
UVC Steril Ventilation ceiling mounted appliance

When it comes to achieving ideal conditions for people and products, LTG ventilation and air conditioning technology creates tailor-made solutions that inspire: with efficient air-water systems, attractive air diffusers and reliably precise components for air distribution. LTG’s innovations in the field of building air conditioning can be found here.

Ventilation technology for your

It is essential for people’s health and performance that a comfortable climate prevails in a room. The optimum zone of humidity, air movement and temperature according to human perception is known as the comfort zone. Achieving and maintaining this zone is the aim of modern ventilation technology.

Better than ventilation: ventilation systems

A poor indoor climate, i.e. one outside the comfort zone, can quickly lead to a drop in concentration and performance. But how do you ensure a comfortable indoor climate? Traditionally, this is achieved through free ventilation, but this has a number of disadvantages that ventilation systems do not have.

feel-good climate

In winter in particular, a lot of energy is lost in the form of heat during ventilation. While the heating reheats the room air, the humidity drops at the same time. Modern ventilation technology eliminates these problems, as the outside air can be pre-treated in the system. This makes it possible to heat or cool the air to a specific temperature. Air technology can also be used to ensure the quality of the air in the building. Pollutants, allergens (such as pollen) and other substances can be removed from the air through filtration. Humidity can also be brought to an optimum level. Compared to window ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning systems offer effective noise protection through sound insulation and attenuation, thereby reducing the penetration of noise into the building, e.g. from road traffic.

Air treatment with ventilation technology

Room air technology can therefore not only bring outside air into a building, but also ensure that it is optimally treated to guarantee the well-being of the people in the building. The decisive factor here is that this optimum is achieved at all times and not, as with free ventilation, only during short phases. But the aim of ventilation technology is not just to supply outside air.

Energy-efficient handling of exhaust air

Although the colloquial term “ventilation” may suggest it, ventilation technology is not just about bringing fresh air into a building, but also about removing stale air. In the process, CO₂, bad odors and moisture are removed to the outside without the heat in the building being lost. Today, heat recovery systems are able to extract up to 95% of the heat from the exhaust air and reuse it for heating.

How quiet and unobtrusive is comfort air technology?

Modern ventilation works so quietly that most people do not even notice it. Modern systems can rule out any annoyance caused by draughts. Today, ventilation technology is also no longer visually conspicuous, as the air outlets of the systems can be integrated inconspicuously into ceilings, walls or floors. Individual design solutions are also possible here, with which the ventilation technology can be integrated into the interior design – or almost completely disappear from view.

High flexibility with decentralized ventilation technology

It is not always possible or sensible to plan and implement a ventilation and air conditioning system for an entire building. In such cases, a decentralized ventilation system can ensure that people in such buildings can also enjoy all the benefits of modern ventilation technology. Such decentralized solutions are integrated directly into the façade and do not require a central air conditioning unit or duct system, but offer numerous options for needs-based and individual air conditioning of the rooms.

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