Always staying one step ahead – that’s the motto of LTG Aktiengesellschaft. Because we not only deal with the standard applications for air technology, but also and above all offer customised solutions for out-of-the-ordinary tasks. Our staff can apply the experience gained over decades, the skills acquired from thousands of successful projects and – most important of all – their inventiveness.


Andreas Egelseder has been CEO of LTG Aktiengesellschaft since November 1, 2021. He is responsible for sales of comfort air and process air technology, commercial department and production. For many years he was responsible for sales, marketing and business development for Felss Gruppe GmbH in Königsbach-Stein, most recently for sales and marketing for SMC Deutschland GmbH in Egelsbach.

Ralf Wagner began his career at the company in 1994 as a development engineer after studying aerospace engineering. In 1999, he became director of the research laboratory and the comfort air development division. Since 2008, Mr Wagner has been responsible for both the entire engineering services division and the development for air-conditioning and process air technology. He was personally involved in many of LTG AG’s countless inventions and patents, and represents the company in several standardisation and association committees such as DIN and FGK.






In the 1930s, LTG expanded its operations: in addition to planning and installing innovative air-processing systems, it began to manufacture products of its own. The company was successful in enlarging its product range and broadening its customer base in Europe. Besides installing air-conditioning for industrial processes, it increasingly provided room air-conditioning systems, often based on the induction principle developed by Dr. Klein. In the years after World War II, LTG experienced swift growth thanks to reconstruction and the building of new factories and administrative buildings. In 1993, the company’s original area of activity, engineering services, became a separate business segment. The in-house laboratory now provides a solid foundation for research and development, with more than 50 patents testifying to the company’s innovative prowess. In 1999, LTG’s product and development activities were combined under the umbrella of LTG Aktiengesellschaft.

Today, the company is active throughout the world, providing high-quality products and customised solutions for room air and process air. Its core products are air/water, air diffuser and air distribution systems, fans of all types, and filtration and humidification systems. The main areas of application are air-conditioning in offices, hotels, schools, museums and hospitals, plus special areas such as passenger ships and trains, while industrial applications include thermal engineering, process engineering, recycling and wind simulations.

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