We offer a wide range of tangential, axial and centrifugal fans with all types of flow configuration for greatly varying operating conditions. Whatever your application, benefit from our high-quality products and their superior characteristics: compact design, rugged construction and high resistance to temperatures and media. Our fans are also very energy-efficient, which means they can help to optimise your process. We’ll apply our technical expertise and production capabilities to design a customised version for you and manufacture it in large or small quantities.

Our variety of Fans

Axial Fans VAH
Axial Fans VAN
Axial Fans VAR
Tangential Fans Series VQ 200 – 1000
Tangential Fans Series T 125 – 200
Tangential Fans Series G/T 25 – 90
Exhaust Centrifugal Fans
High-pressure Conveying Fans VSR-5./RU…MS
Medium-pressure Conveying Fans VSR-M
High Pressure VSR 5./RU..M
Medium pressure VSR M./..H
Medium pressure VRS
Low pressure VRK