Tobacco processing

We offer solutions for many different stages of tobacco processing, for example removal of foreign matter, control of humidity to protect aroma, and filtering of valuable tobacco dust for return to production. If you manufacture tobacco-processing machinery or systems, or if you are a cigarette manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Aroma is a critical factor for tobacco. To retain it, we offer products that are optimised for each processing stage. In cigarette production, even tiny impurities can spoil the taste and perceived quality of the product. This is why separation of foreign matter is so important. LTG tangential fans are an excellent means of removing foreign particles of different size and composition. They have proved effective in many processing systems where it is necessary to winnow small particles and remove large ones. Their homogeneous air flow is perfect for this purpose. You too can improve your separation process with high-performance LTG fans. Another important factor in tobacco processing is constant humidity, which ensures that tobacco retains its taste and does not become unappealing by drying up. With LTG humidification solutions you can be sure of having stable humidity. Our humidification systems, especially the high-performance versions with a hygiene certificate, provide perfect control. LTG filter components make it possible to filter, separate and compact the dust generated in tobacco processing and return it to production for further use. Your employees will also be grateful for having clean air in the production facilities.