Bakery Technology

Leading manufacturers of bakery equipment throughout the world rely on LTG fans in their dough proofers, ovens and baking machines. You too can produce top-quality bakery goods by optimising your air flow. Our common objective is to help you achieve consistently high quality in every batch while maximising your productivity and minimising your energy costs. LTG fans take you a big step towards this goal. They accelerate fermentation and baking, and they improve the consistency and uniformity of the products. LTG fans create ideal climatic conditions, ensuring perfect results: uniform browning, a crispy crust and a soft crumb.Our axial and centrifugal fans play a key role in bakery equipment. Whatever type of fan you ultimately choose – tangential, centrifugal or axial – each will generate a perfectly formed, homogeneous air flow and ensure a high level of energy efficiency. Improve your production system with LTG fans, and create delicious buns, pretzels, croissants, biscuits, crackers, waffles or snack foods. You can be sure of top-quality products and significant energy savings.