Our areas of application in Solutions for other industries

Our products have countless applications. We solve air technology problems in every industry – not just by supplying standard products, but by working out customized solutions in response to unusual challenges. Our staff can apply the experience gained over decades, the skills acquired from thousands of successful projects and – most important of all – their inventiveness. Our technicians and engineers conduct analysis, simulations and measurements to design air-conditioning systems for buildings of diverse types and air control systems for a wide range of industrial processes. We optimize our solutions according to criteria like thermal comfort, acoustics and production quality while always considering our customers’ need for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We achieve this with products tailored to specific applications, including a wide range of high-efficiency fans in all designs. We also offer filter systems, which are well established in the market thanks to their reliability, high filter capacity and small footprint. Together with our humidification solutions they serve to optimize production processes, maintain a clean production environment and maximize the recovery of valuable materials. Whatever challenges you give us in air technology, we’ll be glad to tackle them, and if necessary we’ll devise a customized solution for you. LTG’s Engineering Services provide an excellent foundation. Put your trust in our many years of Expertise.