Agriculture and Wood Technology

We offer a wide range of solutions for agriculture and wood technology, including areas such as viniculture, greenhouses, hay drying, wood processing and agricultural engineering. Our fans also ensure fresh air in many fields of wood and agricultural enginering. In hay drying, for example, our specially developed hay aerators dry bales of hay quickly and efficiently. They are sturdy and durable. In wine and fruit growing, LTG’s tangential fans provide a wide, even air flow to ensure uniform distribution of fertilisers and pesticides. In these areas effective plant protection is becoming increasingly important, and it must take as little time as possible. Our energy-efficient fans also perform a variety of tasks in modern greenhouses. To minimise energy consumption and create optimum climatic conditions for flowers and vegetables, LTG tangential fans implement alternative energy concepts such as utilisation of geothermal energy and storage of groundwater heat. In the wood processing industry, our fans and filter components play an important role in a number of value-added processes, starting with the cutting of timber and continuing through treatment, finishing and processing to make products such as chipboard panels. You too can benefit from our wide range of experience in agriculture and wood Technology.