Printing and Paper Technology

Whether you manufacture paper, process it or print it, or even print metal, we can improve your processes with the help of air technology. Our filters and fans provide clean air and ensure efficient production. Since the invention of paper in China, paper technology has spread throughout the world. Paper production processes have been immensely improved, and automation has steadily increased. Today’s paper machines must meet the most exacting requirements, which we satisfy with high-quality components for each production stage: from the fibre through the paper reel to the finished, cut sheets. In the production of paper, pulp and cardboard fine dust, fluff, shavings and trimmings are generated which interfere with production and therefore have to be removed. LTG’s filtration systems can separate these fibres and dust particles from the air and pass them on for disposal or recycling. Our LTG fans are perfect for these tasks: as part of a modular system, they comprise a complete solution for conveying air and removing dust. LTG’s engineering services resolve theoretical and practical issues at an early stage by means of CFD simulations and calculations.