Our areas of application in Textile / Nonwoven Industry

The possible applications for LTG filters are almost unlimited. They separate solids of different origins and conditions and have particularly proven in the textiles and nonwovens processing as well as the manufacturing of technical textiles, construction and insulation materials. By the interaction of our perfectly coordinated products, our filter systems help increase product quality, lower production costs and recover valuable raw materials. Fibers or dusts, granulates or chips, gross or fine particles – different filter stages permit effective separation and further processing of the raw material. The continuous self-cleaning of the filters ensures operation without pressure or volume flow variation. Profit from this in the form of continuous process conditions and high productivity. At the same time, you can comply with environmental protection standards and create clean air for healthy employees. In the next step the filtered particles are compressed and separated with our fiber and dust compactors or our cyclones. This way, the material recovered can be returned to the production process or disposed. The loaded and clean air is conveyed by LTG fans, that are carefully selected and dimensioned according to your process. If necessary LTG humidification solutions are used to provide certain humidity conditions. Trust in LTG Filtration Technology and select from our extensive product range. We arrange customized solutions for you – our modular system and our technical competence are at your disposal.