Nonwoven / Hygiene

Foreign materials and contamination are particularly unwelcome in the manufacture of personal care products such as plasters, cloths, nappies and napkins. LTG filtration technology and fans ensure that you meet the highest standards.
Waste material remaining from production, such as hygroscopic granulates and cellulose fibres in the case of nappies, is collected and separated with absolute reliability. Our systems operate continuously and without pressure surges, permitting recyclable materials to be returned to the production process. The highly efficient separation process reduces your energy and operating costs. Our modular system lets you combine the filter stages to suit your requirements. LTG also offers filter components for high temperatures or aggressive media.
Relative humidity is frequently a critical factor in the manufacture of textiles and nonwovens for personal care products. Our humidification systems can give you perfect control of climate conditions.
When you produce nonwoven material, our tangential fans help you to lay and compact the fibres with the best possible control. The advantages: LTG tangential fans generate a perfectly even air flow over the entire width of the material, ensuring constant process parameters, high nonwoven material quality and a large throughput.
We can offer a modular, cost-effective solution for your application. Our engineering services will help you design your air system, comply with emission limits and control production parameters like temperature and humidity. To ensure maximum reliability we can carry out preliminary tests at our technical centre or right at your Location.