Evaluation of Modernisation Concepts

Old HVAC systems often operate inefficiently and have a high energy consumption. That applies particularly for induction systems still operated at high pressures. In times of rising energy costs and ever louder demands for sustainability, optimisation of a system is an investment that quickly pays off.

As part of LTG’s engineering services, we can help you identify the specific optimisation potential of your system by means of profitability calculations and by devising modernisation concepts. With verifiable information and specific recommendations for action, energy consumption can often be considerably reduced in this way. We supply data for realistically possible energy saving and advise you on reliable operation of the new equipment and on correct regulation to achieve optimum thermal comfort and a good room air quality.

To do so, we not only assess for you a representative unit on our caloric test rig in our laboratory, but also record the actual state and the operating parameters of the induction units and the system on the spot. Based on the consumption characteristics of the building, we prepare an energy consumption calculation and an estimate of the savings potential, and make recommendations for optimisation. If an overhaul of the system has been completed and perhaps new units are being used, we verify their performance and then optimise them where necessary in a final step. You also receive a report on the specific result of the measures taken, including a calculation of the profitability of the investments down to the individual room level.

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