Comparison of System Solutions

It is often the case that there are a variety of possible solutions or systems for an air-related problem. Comparative measurements between the alternatives can then be useful, and we would be happy to conduct them for you as part of LTG’s engineering services. Criteria for comparison are, in the case of air-conditioning applications, often energy consumption, profitability, performance, acoustics or comfort. The focus in process air applications is on consistency of the flow, pressure losses in the system and via the components, electric power input and overall energy consumption.

We can assist you here with a variety of approaches. In basic system comparisons, an approach using CFD simulations or model tests at the LTG Aktiengesellschaft laboratory is an efficient method for obtaining clear-cut results in a short time.

One of many examples of this is the comparison of throttle nozzles and perforated sheets intended to be installed in extensive duct networks in order to evenly spread out the prevailing pressure. In this case the flow-related and the acoustic properties were considered. The result: perforated sheets ensured, downstream of resistance, a consistent pressure more quickly and were interesting for economic reasons. Throttle nozzles have as a rule more favourable acoustic properties. When sufficient care is taken during installation and when suitable perforated sheet types are selected, however, here too a comparable acoustic quality is achievable. The LTG laboratory test investigated the effect of the hole diameter and the installation situation, and was able thanks to the results to provide a dependable recommendation with defined parameters to be met, on the basis of which an appropriate production programme was developed.

For already existing systems, we also offer an on-the-spot test while a facility is in operation. We use modern mobile measuring instruments to test, analyse and evaluate various systems in real situations. Based on the results, we then devise specific recommendations. For an optimum solution, we also modify existing products or devise a new solution to match your individual requirements.

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