Are you wondering if a flow rate controller is optimally positioned in the air line, or would you like to know whether a planned routing of piping is suitable for your air-conditioning concept? The facility concept for your production was well planned, the machines rated for full-load operation, and yet the quality and output are unsatisfactory? LTG’s engineers will be happy to advise you on the optimum design and operation of your HVC or production facility. We assess new concepts before they are implemented, we supervise commissioning of the facility, or we analyse the actual condition of existing facilities. With extensive experience in a wide range of applications, we support you in the solution of air technology problems, for example:
  • unexplained pressure drops, primary pressures in the line or air quantities in the duct system
  • the geometry of the branch points to the ventilation components in the room, for sensible positioning of components
  • possible measures for sound insulation and noise reduction
  • (lack of) thermal comfort from the building’s air-conditioning
  • optimised and stable flow concepts in production or processing applications
  • implementation or overhaul of processing with air flows, for example for heating / cooling, humidification, filtering, separating, pneumatic conveying of goods …
  • and much more besides.

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