Optimization of Filtration Processes

The separation of particles or fibres from air flows (filtration) is of major importance in many applications. Typical examples are fibre production or processing, as well as the manufacture or processing of insulating material. An optimum and stable configuration of a filter system is therefore essential for the process and product quality. That applies both for new and existing facilities, because the consequences of insufficient filtration range from an increased proportion of particles in the return air to a complete shutdown of the facility.

As part of LTG’s engineering services, we will support you both in the configuration of new facilities and in the optimisation of existing ones, for example when selecting a suitable filter medium. This can take the form either of laboratory tests with original particles from your facility, or filter screening on the spot, where the suitability of various filter media is checked directly in the process. To do so, an appropriate partial volumetric flow must be drawn off isokinetically and passed via a series connection of filter sample and absolute filter to ascertain pressure loss changes or subsequent mass increases. This allows, under realistic conditions, the ideal filter medium to be found from several possibilities.

For existing facilities too, we use a well-founded analysis to devise on the spot specific proposals for process improvements, for example to achieve increased energy efficiency.

In the event of modifications to your machinery, we can for example assist you in the requisite planning and dimensioning of new piping.

Put your trust in our extensive experience from a wide range of applications – for optimum production processes!

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