Energy Efficiency Optimization

Whether it’s new building work, modernisation of existing buildings or operation of a production facility: the highest possible energy efficiency is essential for economical operation.

Energy efficiency and sustainability for air-conditioning in buildings

Rising energy costs, sustainability certifications and a “greener” awareness – there are many reasons to take care of energy efficiency. As part of LTG’s engineering services, we will help you identify the “energy-guzzlers” in your existing facilities and show you ways to modernise the energy aspects using up-to-date and energy-saving air-conditioners.

Appropriate measurements can be conducted either in our state-of-the-art laboratory or directly on the spot using mobile measuring technologies – depending on whether the test is intended for a complete facility or just for individual ventilation components. Here are a few examples of measures which we took for our customers to achieve a significant energy saving in air-conditioning systems:

  • Optimisation of an existing air-conditioning system by a performance comparison with different cooling media
  • Energy optimisation of an existing air-conditioner in terms of its consumption, acoustics and performance by variation of the flow configuration
  • Minimisation of the air conveying costs by reducing the overall system pressure by installing on-demand ventilation units (SmartFlow technology)

Exploiting the energy-saving potential of a production facility

What applies for building air-conditioning applies even more so in the processing and producing industries. The energy efficiency of facilities and processes is a crucial factor in minimising process costs in the long term and remaining competitive too. Effective provision of media and process heat is an effective tool for doing just that.

Using mobile measuring systems, we record and analyse load cases and operating states in your facility on the spot, and based on these we devise – taking into account your specific conditions – a list of measures for energy optimisation. Successful adaptation of the components and process parameters is followed by validation of the result under actual production conditions. For safe and energy-efficient processes.

From the planning stage to final modernisation, for air-conditioning or for process applications: We will optimise your facility too. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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