Comfort Measurements on site

Various factors can have a detrimental effect on comfort inside the room: an incorrectly set room temperature, primary air quantity or installed objects causing an unfavourable room flow. The result: complaints from users, reduced efficiency and even lost labour due to ill-health of the workforce.

To prevent this, or to rectify existing problems, on-the-spot measurements are helpful for precisely recording and assessing the room climate. They are also ideal for setting and optimising a ventilation system or for a system comparison.

Depending on customer requirements, we conduct comfort measurement on the spot either during operation or using a test room. Not only is thermal comfort measured here, but also a snapshot is obtained of the flow conditions (e.g. with a focus on the positions where there is a comfort problem for the user). For simulating indoor factors (persons), suitable lighting is used and the room air flow is rendered visible using an oil mist. For the measurement itself, various parameters are optimised by experiment so that optimum comfort is achieved in the zone frequented by personnel by means of altering the flow configuration. The measurement results are evaluated according to current standards (DIN EN ISO 7730) and if necessary proposals for improvements are made.

Are you battling with comfort problems, or do you believe there is potential for optimising your air-conditioning system? We would be happy to help you, and look forward to hearing from you.

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