Adjustment of Induction Systems

To ensure optimum operation in induction systems, regular inspection is required. For older systems in particular, this allows identification and rectification of weak points that have developed over time, for example due to material fatigue or clogging of the system.

But for newly installed systems too, LTG’s engineering services would be glad to help you with primary pressure adjustment, setting and commissioning.

Our services include:

  • Measuring the pressure distribution at various units in a line inside the building to prevent pressure differences in the duct network and to obtain ideal setting of the system
  • Determining the primary air volumetric flow using the static pressure in the connection box for an optimum regulation and setting of the system
  • Checking the functioning and operating parameters of induction units (valve regulation, air tightness, supply air, primary air and intake temperatures and primary pressure)
  • Recommendations for the fitting of suitable pressure measuring points with a variable number of units per line (systems with constant pressure)

For modernised or new systems, for design questions or for practical function tests – LTG engineers will be glad to help you.

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