Adjustment of Duct Systems

The functions of an air-conditioning system can only be performed when the air distribution in the entire duct network conforms to the planning specifications. Measuring of volumetric flows and pressures in individual air pipes of a duct network allows the air distribution to be determined and the entire system to be adjusted and where necessary optimised. Measuring points for pressure and volumetric flow, for example for fan optimiser operation, can thus be provided at selected points. What’s more, user complaints about draughts or increased sound emission can be either avoided or rectified. Thanks to on-demand air distribution, the energy requirement and hence also the costs for air conveying can be minimised too.

Measurement to ascertain the status quo is worthwhile in any event, and can be done either on the spot or in the LTG lab with high precision as per DIN EN ISO 5167-2 (formerly DIN EN 1952) using an orifice measurement section. In tests on the spot, the “Trivial” method for rectangular cross-sections or the median line method for air lines with a circular cross-section is used as per DIN EN 12599. This is also accepted in full by the DGNB (German society for sustainable building) for the certification of buildings.

In process facilities too the supply of air at defined points is often crucial for the process reliability and fail-safety of a facility and or the quality of the products. For example, too-low air quantities lead to the airborne conveying of material no longer working, and to lines becoming clogged, or heat not being sufficiently extracted so that the product quality fluctuates. Actual air quantities are, after years of facility operation, often no longer known or have not been redetermined after modifications, with the result that process reliability is not assured.

Using modern and mobile measuring instruments, experienced LTG engineers assess your application on the spot at your plant. Then we devise concepts for solving any problems, to achieve a flow-optimised and/or performance-optimised application, and if requested we will implement that requirement.

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