Acoustic Measurements on site

Acoustic measurements are useful in many instances – for example when comparing different products and systems or in the case of an acoustic disturbance:

Example 1: Product/system comparison

The acoustic power level states the acoustic energy emitted by an object. It is an important characteristic for assessing a product, because it is an environment-independent quantity that describes a genuine equipment property and thus represents a useful criterion for comparing different products and systems. Acoustic measurements in the actually planned installation situation provide informative sound pressure levels for selecting the ideal system.

Example 2: Acoustic disturbances at home and at work

What landlord or owner hasn’t experienced this: the tenant or user of a building complains about noise that allegedly is coming from the air-conditioning system. In production facilities too, acoustics play an important role: many production and processing operations involve noise emissions that can impair the concentration or health of the employees. Acoustic emissions from processes, machines and components must therefore be within defined limits, particularly where people are present.

To resolve complaints about the acoustics or to comply with statutory requirements, first the actual situation has to be analysed. We can assist you here, as part of the LTG engineering service package, with an acoustic measurement on the spot.

To measure the idle level as well as the acoustic pressure levels at various positions inside the room while the noise source – unit or production facility – is operating is part of the standard measuring programme. To create holistic concepts for noise reduction, we identify the existing noise sources and transmission paths, measure them, assess whether the acoustic pressure level inside the room is outside the recommended limits, and then devise improvement measures and suggestions on how to solve the problems. If required, an optimisation of the sound-causing component, for example in an assembly such as an air passage or flap, can then be conducted with the aim of reducing the sound level.

Whatever the question or problem you have: skilled LTG engineers will be glad to help you solve them with modern and mobile measuring instruments.

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