System Clean

Despite the fact that the supplied air flowing out of the air diffusers and into the room is filtered, a grey haze can frequently be seen at ceiling level in the vicinity of the diffusers.

This consists of contaminants from the room air such as dust from carpets and photocopiers, tobacco smoke or grease that tend to be accumulate around the air diffusers. Due to the negative pressure at the surface of the airstream, these contaminants are drawn toward the outlets and are unable to follow the supplied airstream. They then adhere to the ceiling and form the familiar dirty streaks.

LTG’s System clean almost completely eliminates this phenomenon: part of the clean air is guided across the ceiling in the form of an air screen, preventing particles of dirt from the room air from soiling the ceiling. The effect: renovation and maintenance costs are considerably reduced. The LTG System clean is used in the products LDBLWmodule (LDK-B) and LDR.

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