Silent Module

The design and construction of air outlets and the associated terminal boxes is influenced by a number of technical parameters.

The required air volume determines the number and size of the air cylinders that form the linear diffusers.

  • The total air volume and the acoustic design are taken into account when configuring the size and number of the air connection sockets.
  • The installation location, and in particular the structure of the wall elements used for wall-mounted units, determines the external dimensions of the housing.
  • The ventilation concept determines the proportion of the supplied air and return air boxes that can be arranged on one and the same rail.

The number of possible variants is limitless, and the approach uneconomical. This is why we developed a modular system of outlets that makes it possible to combine the required technical characteristics for the project-specific requirements: the LTG system modules.

In many cases, the direct integration of silencers into air outlet boxes means that there is no need to use cross-talk sound attenuators. This is particularly important when the installation space in the intermediate ceiling of the corridor is restricted. The achieved insertion loss is naturally also of benefit when the sound of nearby volume flow controls has to be restricted.

The design of the silencer can be modulated in incremental steps to meet the requirements.

LTG’s SilentModule system allows both of these parameters to be configured in a way that ensures optimum design of the outlets used in the Project.

Products using LTG SilentModule: LWmodule.

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