FVS Eco2School

Demand-based mechanical ventilation with heat recovery function is essential in schools in order to achieve the low CO2, fine particle and germ concentrations that ensure good room air quality and low primary energy requirements. In this way, sustainable air conditioning technology makes a positive contribution to health, performance and environmental protection.

The decentralized FVS Eco2School ventilation unit was specially designed for ventilation in classrooms and assembly rooms. It is characterised by the high level of thermal comfort it offers and its low heating energy requirements. 95% of inhalable fine particles and 99% of pollens and coarse dust particles are filtered out. The improved air quality helps improve academic performance and reduce illness among teachers and pupils alike.

The freely suspended LTG FVS Eco2School decentralized ventilation units with integrated air diffusers obviate the need to make ceiling boxes and additional inspection openings, and permit step-by-step retrofitting in existing buildings, which can also be carried out during the holidays or at week-ends.

  • Comfortable, fresh air from decentraliszd ventilation – draught-free and low-noise
  • Energy-saving through high-efficient heat recovery
  • Individual regulation as required: via time switch or demand-based via CO2-Sensor (optional)
  • Plug-and-play solution: fast and easy retrofit incl. control system

Connected at the facade to an outside air module with weatherproof grille. The weatherproof grille is installed flush in an outside wall or facade panel near a skylight. The weatherproof grille is divided horizontally. Exhaust air is discharged through the lower part, while outside air is drawn in through the upper part. The combined outside air/secondary air damper performs the following tasks:

  • airtight sealing of the outside air and exhaust air openings when the unit is stopped or if there is an interruption or failure of the power supply
  • thermal insulation when closed
  • separation of outside and exhaust air flows without airstream short-circuits in the unit
  • continuously variable mixing of outside and secondary air from 0 to 100%
  • protecting the heat recovery unit against freezing
  • increasing the heating and cooling capacities with the secondary air Proportion
  • ensuring energy-optimised heating and cooling when the premises are empty
  • drying out any potential residual humidity in the outside air filter and heat recovery unit on termination of ventilation operation

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