System Indivent

Modern air conditioning concepts must evacuate heat loads and airborne substances from the frequented area reliably and without draughts. LTG’s Indivent air conditioning system makes it possible to extend the displacement air ventilation – the introduction and distribution of cooled fresh air at floor level – to ceiling level if required for the application. The system provides a high level of thermal comfort by combining the advantages of mixed and displacement air ventilation. It is installed in a split-level ceiling section at the core wall (in the absence of a suspended ceiling) or in a suspended ceiling. The Indivent unit is connected to the primary air of the air conditioning system as well as to a cold water supply.

An LTG highly inductive linear air diffuser LTD with integrated recirculated air cooling is installed at ceiling level at the core wall. Heaters on the window side of the room provide the heating. This arrangement ensures that the flow pattern remains the same in summer and in winter.

Recirculated air is drawn in out of the room and conveyed through a cooling coil. This mixture of fresh air and recirculated air is blown into the room via a linear diffuser. The difference in temperature between the room air and the supplied air is reduced in the restricted mixed air zone. At the same time, the air velocity is reduced depending on the cooling load. The resultant cooled airstream is redirected at floor level and moves at low speed and with little turbulence across the frequented area towards the window. The air velocity is virtually independent of the cooling capacity. The temperature difference between head and foot level is no more than 1 Kelvin. Any air heated by individuals or equipment in the room moves upwards. A cushion of warm room air with increased pollutant concentration forms above the frequented area. The airborne substances and heat loads are then discharged from the room along with the return air. In this way, the temperature layers generated by the Indivent system ensure economical operation.



  • High cooling capacities and uniform temperatures across the entire frequented area.
  • Outstanding thermal comfort thanks to low air velocity and low turbulence of the air flow.
  • The thermal dynamic carries heat and airborne substances upwards, considerably improving the room air quality.


  • All that is required is a single compact and space-saving air duct system, since the heat loads are efficiently evacuated via a cold water system.


  • Interior designers are free to design the ceiling, lighting and window elements as they wish.
  • Workplaces can be arranged in the room in any desired configuration.

Products with System Indivent: VKL (fan coil unit).

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