Our application solutions inTransport Systems

Whether by land, by water, by air or in outer space – however you travel, LTG products are on the job. LTG has a wealth of experience when it comes to transporting people and freight, whether by road, rail, air or water: air-conditioning solutions of LTG contribute to comfort of your passengers and ensure cooling of components and cargo. LTG fans, air diffusers and air/water systems provide solutions for a wide range of tasks: comfortable air conditioning of passenger compartments, ship’s cabins and driver’s cabs; efficient cooling of drive units, brakes and electronic components; development of reliable systems for refrigerated transport. If you have a special task, like simulation of air currents, ask us about LTG’s engineering services. We’re even ready to go into outer space. Different application solutions can be found here. Air is a critical factor in all means of transport. Take advantage of our Engineering Services; we can help.