Air is often the ideal medium for heat treatment facilities, industrial furnaces and thermal process systems. We offer all three flow configurations – axial, centrifugal and tangential – and a solution that is tailored to your needs.
Whatever process you use, LTG fans will optimize your process and the design of your system. One example is air cooling and hardening of red-hot steel parts after forging: to achieve the required material hardness and strength, it is essential to apply air evenly to all the parts and adhere to the specified cooling curves.
LTG tangential fans fulfil these requirements. They generate a perfectly uniform air flow that reaches all parts of the working surface. It is also possible to control the flow zone by zone in order to adhere to the specified cooling curves without using additional equipment like baffle plates, dampers or pressure boxes.
In addition, the discharge length can be matched exactly to the machine width. This makes the air flow conditions independent of the total system width. With modular systems you can therefore test the air flow with the smallest version and then transpose the results to larger ones. This considerably simplifies the design and development of model series.

There are especially interesting applications for industrial furnaces, for example in heat treatment. Our fans are used for the following purposes:

  • tempering, normalising, annealing, warming, austenising, stress relief annealing
  • hardening, case hardening, carbon nitriding, gas carburising, recarburising, nitriding, nitrocarburising, gas nitriding, curing, soldering, brazing
  • tempering, vapour oxidising, sintering