Surface technology

Whatever method of surface treatment you use – painting, powder coating, galvanising or sand blasting – optimum air technology will improve the quality of your products and make your system more cost-effective.
Printed or painted parts such as plastic bottles, metal strips or metal packaging must be dried and then cooled for further processing. To ensure drying results of consistent quality, the temperature distribution and air flow must be uniform over the whole surface. LTG tangential fans ensure perfectly even air distribution. Thanks to their small dimensions and special flow principle with 90° or 180° deflection, the external dimensions of such installations can be reduced while maintaining the same process space. In addition, the discharge length of the fans can be matched exactly to the width of the conveyor or batch. That means the air flow conditions are the same in wider machines. This considerably simplifies the design and development of model series.
Before a coating is applied in the form of a granulate, it is essential to preheat the surface correctly. The air flow must be exactly controlled to ensure that the right amount of heat is applied to the granulate fill. An uneven air distribution would impair the quality of the finished product. LTG tangential fans allow you to meet these and similar requirements at reasonable cost.
It is also often necessary to clean surfaces or remove foreign particles. LTG tangential fans can assist by applying a gentle air jet to the entire width of the surface being processed. Thanks to their through-flow principle, they can be integrated easily and economically into your facility. Moreover, their low pressure buildup reduces the system’s energy consumption and increases its efficiency.