Process engineering

Corrosion and harsh environmental conditions are a frequent problem in chemical, mechanical and biological process engineering, and it is essential here to have reliable air technology components.
These processes often generate gas mixtures that have to be conveyed, extracted or filtered. The mixtures often have corrosive constituents such as acids (sulphuric acid, …), alkalis (caustic soda, …), ionogenic gases (hydrogen sulphide) or salts dissolved in water (nitrites, …) which put stress on the components of technical facilities.
LTG fans are able to meet these challenges. They are available in versions for special applications and have features such as highly corrosion-resistant steel and impeller blades with armour or rubber lining. You can therefore be sure of having a reliable and robust product with a long service life: perfected for your application. Moreover, we offer all three flow configurations from a single source: axial, centrifugal and tangential. And if necessary, our fans can be provided in explosion-protected versions according to ATEX.