Medical textiles

Textiles are used for many different purposes in medicine and therefore must satisfy a wide range of requirements. Examples include first aid material, backing material for bandages, wound dressings and cloth slings. For all such materials, hygiene and quality are critically important. The requirements for textile attributes vary widely depending on the application. Bandage materials must be flexible and tear-resistant, and plasters can be elastic or inelastic. Coatings are applied in manufacturing, and there are various drying processes, some of which require a protective atmosphere. All of these processes place high demands on air technology, which controls the composition of the gases, air amounts and air distribution. Our LTG fans are as versatile as the tasks that medical textiles must perform. As textile processors you too can benefit from our filter technology. Our filters reliably extract dust and fibres, and they separate the material for disposal or reuse. Our engineering services will help you design your air system, comply with emission limits and control production parameters like temperature and humidity. To ensure maximum reliability, we can carry out preliminary tests at our technical centre or right at your location.