Medical dryers

Drying plays a very important role in manufacturing and coating processes for medical products, especially when webs or sheets are involved. What counts here is top quality, a reliable process and the largest possible production volume. Put your trust in our many years of experience and proven products. Our LTG fans are the key element of the drying process. Whether it’s manufacturing of the basic materials, careful coating in a protective atmosphere or special tasks like drying of hollow fibre membranes for dialysis, our products have delivered reliable, efficient performance for many years. We offer fans in all flow configurations and can give advice tailored to your special needs. Our tangential fans, which distribute air over the entire length of the impeller and deflect the air flow by 90°, are particularly advantageous in throughput processes such as conveyor systems. Without requiring complicated air flow systems they allow the implementation of compact and energy-efficient drying modules with very even air distribution. You too can optimise your systems with LTG tangential fans. Our engineering services will help you design your air system, comply with emission limits and control production parameters like air distribution, temperature and humidity.