Comfort air technology

Controlled climatic ambient conditions in laboratories and research institutes not only ensure dependable and reproducible results, but are also essential due to statutory requirements: high standards apply here for safety, health protection and environmental conservation. This must also be assured by dependable regulation and shut-off of volumetric flows of air.
Ventilation systems for laboratory and measurement rooms usually have to meet particularly high requirements: health protection, hygiene, environmental protection, fire safety and comfort are just some of the aspects. In addition there may be problems with non-ideal structural factors and/or increased complexity due to there being several labs in one building. For dependable and reproducible results, precise compliance with often very narrowly defined temperature and humidity limits is also necessary. The fact that these ventilation and air-conditioning requirements in some cases run counter to one another makes the planning of HCV systems for laboratories even more complex. And finally the air-related systems in labs and research facilities have to meet economic criteria: Costs for investment, maintenance, servicing, inspection and operation are also crucial factors in times of heavy competitive pressure.
With high-precision LTG components for air distribution, we ensure dependable control and shut-off of volumetric flows, and with highly inductive LTG air diffusers we also ensure the supply of fresh air and the removal of polluted air and thermal loads. Efficiently and dependably.