Special solutions

The demands made on a sensible air-conditioning solution are as varied as the buildings and applications themselves. In some projects, stricter requirements or project-specific factors result in particular challenges that are insoluble using conventional concepts.
Sometimes buildings entail particular acoustic and thermal requirements – for example TV or radio studios – and sometimes a particularly high-volume air change is needed, for example in large event venues, trade fair buildings and concert halls – because large numbers of guests mean a high degree of heat and material burden and also heavy consumption of fresh air. Modernisation projects with restrictions due to structural factors or building preservation orders, or buildings with special architecture such as large glass facades, often present a particular challenge for air-conditioning. In addition, particular emphasis is often laid on the appearance or “invisibility” of the air-conditioning solution. Depending on the application, it is then necessary to balance out sometimes contradictory requirements to arrive at an optimum solution: high air change rates versus high comfort, maximum performance with minimum energy consumption, optimum operation in problematic room conditions or unusual design requirements.
The more specialised your requirement, the more flexible our air-conditioning solutions: based on our efficient LTG air/water system, visually attractive air diffusers and precision components for air distribution, we create customised solutions specifically for the project. We have a modern research and development centre, enabling us to help you, as part of our LTG engineering services, with simulation computations and laboratory tests even in the early design phases.