Shops & Sales

To make shopping as pleasant as possible for customers, and even to make an experience of it, shops and shopping malls need a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to attractive design of the sales rooms and a product presentation to match, it is a pleasant room temperature and air quality that decide how long the customer lingers in the shop.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a car showroom, a shopping mall, a shoe shop or a boutique, shop fitting requires an open and welcoming design and attractive product presentation, and creating for the customers a “feel-good” atmosphere with fresh and pleasant air and the right degree of humidity. When selecting the right air-conditioning system, many factors come into play: comfort, efficiency, costs and not least appearance. So a sensible yet economical air-conditioning solution is needed, both effective and energy-efficient, comfortable, flexible and space-saving – and also either visually attractive or so unobtrusive that it fits seamlessly into the design concept and does not alter the feel of the room.
LTG meets all these requirements: with energy-efficient air/water systems, visually attractive air diffusers and precision components for air distribution, we together create an atmosphere that people like to linger in.