In the service of art and mankind – ventilation and air-conditioning systems in museums and cultural institutions have to walk a tightrope between a wide range of requirements: on the one hand creating comfortable room conditions for a large number of visitors, and on the other hand providing a constant climate for artwork and exhibits.
Ventilation and air-conditioning in museums have to fulfil several tasks: providing conditioned fresh air for visitors, and removing emissions such as CO2, moisture from exhaled air or vapours from furnishings. The aim is therefore reliably ensuring a defined climate with a consistent and mostly rather low room temperature and humidity, to protect art treasures from temperature fluctuations and moisture absorption. In cultural amenities such as theatres, opera houses or other places open to the public, the room air quality and comfort for the visitors are paramount. The size, the numbers of visitors and architectonic factors often present major challenges for the air flow concept, comfort and acoustics. For untroubled enjoyment of art, the air-conditioning components used must of course be as unobtrusive as possible, and not disturbing the atmosphere of the room either acoustically or visually.
An ambitious task – with a wide range of options to handle it! For an optimum result and for maximum planning dependability, we can assist you with our expertise as early as the planning phase with LTG’s engineering services, offering you flexible, very comfortable and efficient solutions with LTG air/water systems, air diffusers and air distribution components.