It is in comfortable areas such as hotels and restaurants where expectations from air-conditioning are very high: the highest priority is the wellbeing of the guests – in particular their thermal and acoustic comfort. Depending on the place used – hotel room, lobby, conference room, spa area or restaurant – a variety of solutions make sense.
Pleasant, fresh air is intended to create a “feel-good climate” that has to be both without any draughts and noiseless. At the same time, however, economic and visual aspects have to be considered: minimised investment and operating costs are the goal of a hotel operator, while an architect requires the most inconspicuous and subdued air-conditioning components possible, to obtain a harmonious design concept.
Hotel guests want above all undisturbed sleep. A real innovation in LTG air/water systems for hotel rooms is therefore the use of induction technology, for example with the specially developed ceiling ­induction concept LTG SilentSuite, providing maximum capacity in a very small space. Top comfort plus reduced operating costs also saves real money at the same time. In addition, attractive and highly convenient LTG air diffusers in combination with air distribution products ensure an agreeable room climate plus energy-efficient operation.