Medical facilities such as hospitals and care units with a hygienically sensitive environment place particular demands on ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They not only have to meet the comfort standards of both personnel and patients, but also comply with minimum hygienic requirements such as minimising microorganisms in the room air while also being energy-efficient.

This is why there is hardly any other type of building that makes such complex demands on the air and the air-conditioning system. A large number of widely differing rooms have to be taken into account, such as operating theatres, wards, examination rooms and waiting rooms. The ideal is to create a pinpointed ventilation and air-conditioning system meeting the varying requirements of all areas, to ensure perfect patient care and recuperation. Compliance with hygiene requirements is particularly important. It is not only the patients themselves who present a permanent challenge, but also the daily stream of visitors, who carry germs with them – so uncontrolled air flows are particularly important. Air-conditioning systems in modern clinics have to extract a higher thermal load due to the wide range of medical equipment and other heat sources. And not least the clinics and care units have to deal with considerable cost pressures. Efficient building services with low operating and maintenance costs are therefore an effective way to achieve a marked reduction in the costs.

With highly efficient air/water systems, inductive air diffusers and dependable components for air distribution, we play our part in ensuring a safe and healthy room climate.