Controlled home ventilation is being used in more and more modern houses and flats – with good reason. Due to the particularly good tightness of windows and doors, these homes have an optimum energy balance, but can often no longer achieve a sufficient change of air. An unhealthy atmosphere, stale air and as the worst case mould can be the result.
The building shell of modern houses (Passive Houses) is insulated to be so air-tight that moisture accumulating indoors (due to exhalation, perspiration, cooking, showering etc.) and odours (cooking, toilets) can no longer be conveyed to the outside to a sufficient extent. Conversely, too little fresh air can get inside. The result: an unhealthy atmosphere, stale air and as the worst case mould. Controlled home ventilation ensures an automatic and minimum change of air. Thanks to integrated and efficient heat retrieval and the use of filters, there are also further advantages over manual ventilation, such as a considerable saving in energy and protection from allergens (pollen) and insects.
LTG offers components developed especially for use in the home to ensure controlled home ventilation: LTG air diffusers, already doing sterling service in hundreds of prefabricated homes made by top building companies, precision components from LTG air distribution and comfortable LTG air/water systems.