Due to the diversity of their function areas, airport buildings have to meet complex requirements for their air-conditioning technology. From the terminal building with large room height and often large glass facades to protected areas subject to special security guidelines or shops with bright and friendly yet heat-generating lighting concepts – in every case an energy-efficient air-conditioning concept is needed that provides for pleasant temperatures while effectively removing thermal and substance loads.
These loads comprise on the one hand odorous and harmful substances that contaminate the room air. On the other hand, solar radiation, electrical equipment, lighting and not least the passengers and employees heat up the air in the building. Changing load situations and the diversity of the areas to be air-conditioned further increase the difficulty. From office to terminal, from check-in desk to lounge and to the baggage retrieval – despite different framework ­parameters an agreeable room climate with enough fresh and temperature-controlled and without draughts is required everywhere, and it also has to be as energy-efficient as possible. Added to that are statutory requirements for workplaces and areas of public assembly, where both defined comfort parameters and safety aspects are specified. All these factors have to be taken into account when designing air-conditioning systems. Complex requirements – a variety of possible solutions with high-performing and efficient air/water systems, attractive and effective air diffuser and precise components for air distribution from LTG!