Linear Diffuser LDU 30/…/U floor installation

highly efficient ventilation
energy efficient
a unified look

From the office to the living room: Highly inductive LDU floor-mounted linear diffusers heat and cool rooms comfortably and draught-free.

Type LDU 30/…/S:        Linear air diffuser with lateral air connection socket
Type LDU 30/…/U:        Linear air diffuser with air connection from below
Type LDU 30/…/-:         Linear air diffuser without separate air connection for pressure floors

  • Quiet and draught-free with highly efficient ventilation
  • Energy efficient: Thermal shielding of glass facades
  • A unified look meets exacting demands for attractive design
  • Ideal for raised access floors and hollow floors, easy to mount
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to flexible exhaust grille design, removable dirt trap and air distribution plates

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Contact our comfort air experts now and breathe a sigh of relief - in the truest sense of the word!

Technical data


Integrated sound absorber to increase cross-talk sound attenuation Air connection incl. balancing damper Height-adjustable feet

Technical data at Lw = 35 db(A) / NC = 22

Volume flow rate (800/1) 50 cfm 1) Volume flow rate (1000/1) 60 cfm 2)


With air connection from below


With air connection from below

More information

Side views (not to scale, in inch)
Air flow pattern


Linear Diffuser LDU 30/…/U floor installation

This product

Linear Diffuser LDU LDU 30/.../S floor installation Linear Diffuser LDU 30/.../- floor installation
Volume flow rate (800/1) 50 cfm 45 cfm 50 cfm
Volume flow rate (1000/1) 60 cfm 50 cfm 60 cfm

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