Induction Unit sill installation HFG

high comfort
many versions
high heating / cooling output

The induction unit for any application – equally suitable for new construction and renovation objects.

Comfortable air conditioning even for complex installation and room situations! Energy-efficient cooling and heating!

  • High comfort by LTG mixed/displacement ventilation
  • Many versions are suitable even for special requirements like narrow or low sills
  • High heating / cooling output
  • Low-maintenance, proven and robust
  • Air volume and pressure can be selected individually

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Contact our comfort air experts now and breathe a sigh of relief - in the truest sense of the word!

Technical data


Cooling Heating Fresh air supply Special functions (optional) Desiccant operation possible

Technical Data for L_pa= 31 dB(A) NC = 26

Max. cooling output up to 6.145 BTU/h 2) Max. heating output up to 18.095 BTU/h 3) Primary air flow rate up to 88.3 cfm

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in inch)

24.5-52 x 7.4/5.9 x 13.8-17


For very narrow sills For particularly high cooling outputs

Air diffusion


Overview brochure air-water systems (ceiling/parapet/floor) US
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