Induction unit floor Installation HFB / HFB sf Smart Flow

optimum comfort and energy efficiency
demand-controlled ventilation
simplified maintenance

Perfect for air conditioning of outer zones with façade glazing. Compact and powerful, flexible and efficient.

For ventilating, heating or/and cooling occupied zones (perimeter zones) with varying loads and transient load changes.

  • Optimum comfort and energy efficiency for different load situations by LTG System SmartFlow
  • Unit can be selected for difficult installation situations
  • High natural convection for heating without primary air
    (e.g. heating operation at night with the ventilation off)
  • Simplified maintenance via the floor grille and easy access to heat exchangers
  • With LTG SystemDesign : for a consistent look in all rooms, even with combination of different ventilation and air conditioning systems in the false floor (e.g. with VKB …)

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

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Technical data


Cooling Heating Fresh air supply Demand-controlled ventilation

Technical Data for L_pa= 31 dB(A) NC = 26

Max. cooling output up to 4.200 BTU/h 2) Max. heating output up to 8.200 BTU/h 3) Primary air flow rate up to 95 cfm

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in inch)

39-63 x 17.5 x 7.4

Selection of possible grids and grilles

Aluminum linear grille
Aluminum roller grille
Stainless steel linear grille
Wood roller grille

Air diffusion


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