Flow Rate Controller constant VRW/US

Maximum flexibility
Position-independent installation

The mechanically self-operated flow rate controllers VRW/US are designed for supply pressure-independent constant flow rate control without external power supply in round air lines of air-conditioning systems.

The flow rate control is obtained through an asymmetrically angled regulating blade on friction-free bearings, ensuring a precision response and regulating action even at small flow rates.

  • Flow rate control without external power supply – no wiring required
  • Maximum flexibility – free setting of flow rates
  • Insensitive to dust or environmental influences – maintenance-free with reliable precision control
  • Particularly suitable for visible installation
  • Position-independent installation

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Technical data

Technical Data

Flow rate range (cfm) 25 - 2350 Box leakage acc. to EN 1751 Class C

Dimensions (length in inch)

Sizes (inch) Ø3 9/64 - 15 3/4


Box: Galvanised steel Silencer: SDE (optional)


Technical brochure Constant Flow rate controllers type VRW/US
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