Fiber Compactor FKA/FKC

The LTG fiber compactor is a combined separator and compactor. It continuously separates, compacts and removes fibers and coarse particles without generating dust. Solids are extracted directly from the production process, separated from the airstream and collected in bags, containers or Silos.

Technical data

TypeConveying Media Temperature [°F]Max. Material Through-put [lb/h]Max. Air Volume [cfm]Motor Output [hp]
FKA+104 °F1 1001 800 - 6 0001.5
FKC+104 °F450945 - 30000.75

• Separator and comapctor in one unit
• Continuous operation
• High material and air throughput capacity
• Sturdy construction
• Pressure-free discharge
• No fluctuations in the extraction system
• Separation of many different materials possible


Technical brochure Fiber Compactor FKA-FKC
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