Drum Filter TF

LTG’s TFB drum filter is for fine filtration of dust from large volumes of air. When a TFB drum filter is combined with a TVM pre-filter, the unit is called a TFC. Besides dust, the TFC removes coarser particles such as fibres from the primary air flow. Unlike the LTG Compact Drum Filter, the TFB drum filter consists only of a single large filter drum which can be varied in length in modular form. A stream of air passes through the fixed filter drum from the inside to the outside, and stripper nozzles touching the drum continually remove the dust. In order to remove dust from the entire filter surface, the nozzles rotate while at the same time moving linearly. The dust which is separated and extracted is fed by means of a conveying fan in the secondary circuit to a separator.

All functional components and drive parts are located on the pure gas side of the housing, contributing to operational reliability.

The automatic TFB/TFC drum filter, which is pressurised from within, meets the essential requirements for operation in the extremely high air volume range from 20 000 to 270 000 m3/h:

  • High filtration capacity
  • High air permeability
  • Precise adaptation to the application, e.g. by means of a modular design
  • Low-maintenance operation

LTG drum filters have delivered years of low-maintenance performance in a wide range of industries. Thanks to their long tradition and robust design, they ensure superb reliability, safety and availability.

They offer the following advantages:

  • Less moving mass than systems with a rotating drum
  • Air flow is from the inside to the outside, which keeps the filter chamber clean and permits installation in production areas
  • Drive is easily accessible on the clean air side
  • Regenerative filter unit
  • Continuous cleaning, preventing pressure fluctuations in the system
  • Cleaning in the low-pressure range
  • Modular design permits precise adjustment to the total air volume
  • Integrated pre-filter disc saves space
  • No dust deposits between pre-filter and filter drum
  • Energy-saving operation thanks to low pressure loss
  • No leakage problems, and no seal necessary between rotating parts on the dust side and clean air side or between the drum and the wall
  • Compact skeleton design for easy assembly and maintenance
  • Various tried-and-tested filter media with high dust collection efficiency, relatively low resistance and a long service life
  • Low stripper fan energy consumption due to low air requirements of small stripper nozzles
  • Different filter media available for the pre-filter to control the filter efficiency
  • Filter chamber is accessible for inspection during operation: no shutdown required.
  • Antistatic version available

Technical data

TypeConveying Media Temperature [°F]Filter Surface [sqf]Diameter of Filter Disc [inch]Air Volume [cfm]Motor Output [kW]
TFB 15+41 °F up to +140 °F64 - 1205947 0000.5
TFB 20+41 °F up to +140 °F172 - 3447980 0000.5
TFB 25+41 °F up to +140 °F225-55998132 0000.5
TFB 30+41 °F up to +140 °F269 - 677118160 0000.5
TFC 20+41 °F up to +140 °F64 - 2587940 0000.5
TFC 25+41 °F up to +140 °F225-5599880 0000.5


Technical brochure Drum Filter TFB-TFC
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