Axial Fans VAR

The VAR axial fan, with direct drive and with impeller blades that are adjustable when stationary, is a highly efficient axial fan with optimum aerodynamic characteristics. The standard version has 10 shaped and cast impeller blades. Special versions with fewer blades are available for lower pressures. The blades are adjustable, allowing the fan to be set to any desired operating point.

This version only comes with a direct drive, with the impeller mounted overhung on the motor shaft, and the motor resting on a bearing pedestal welded to the housing on the intake side. This allows the fan to run at a speed determined by the selection of the standard Motor.

Technical data

TypeMax. Volume [cfm]Max. stat. Pressure (Pa]Impeller Diameter [inch]Conveying Media Temperature [°F]Pressure RiseDegree of Efficiency [%]
VAR 80023 54385031.5-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5
VAR 90032 37285035.4-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5
VAR 100047 0871 45039.4-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5
VAR 112064 7441 45049.2-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5
VAR 125088 2882 20044.1-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5
VAR 1400129 4282 20055.1-23 °F up to +105 °FMedium Pressure83,5

  • Quality stage G 6,3 of DIN ISO 1940
  • Direct drive
  • Adjustable impeller blades when stationary
  • Special configurations: Special corrosion options: Sand blasting, hot galvanizing, rubberizing, stainless steel
  • Hot gas version up to 400 °F
  • ATEX exolosion protection


Technical brochure Axial- Centrifugal Fans VAN-VAH-VAR-VRK-VRS
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