Axial Fans VAH

The VAH high-pressure fan is a highly efficient fan with optimum aerodynamic characteristics. It is advantageous for high volumetric flow rates and for pressures of up to 13.25 ”wg, and available with belt drive or direct drive.

The fan impellers have 12 twisted blades with laminar profiles from the NACA 16 series, and they are made of high-alloy cast aluminium for very high circumferential speeds and optimum efficiency.


  • High volumetric flow rate
  • Optimum aerodynamic characteristics
  • High efficiencies
  • Energy-efficient drives
  • Characteristic curve with limit rating (no motor overload under operating conditions differing from optimum design range)
  • Low noise thanks to aerodynamically efficient impellers and housing contour
  • Rugged design for long service life
  • For use under extreme conditions (e.g. high temperatures, aggressive media)
  • ATEX explosion-protected versions available
  • Customised solutions

Technical data

TypeMax. Volume [cfm]Max. stat. Pressure [Pa]Impeller Diameter [inch]Conveying Media Temperature [°F]Pressure RiseDegree of Efficiency [%]
VAH 125064 7443 00049.2176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 140076 5163 00055.1176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 1600100 0593 00063.0176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 1800135 3743 00070.9176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 2000153 0323 00078.7176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 2240188 3473 00088.2176 °FHigh Pressure89
VAH 2500264 8633 00098.4176 °FHigh Pressure89

  • Quality stage Q 6.3 to VDI 2060
  • V-belt or flat-belt drive or direct drive
  • Special configurations: Special corrosion options: Sand blasting, hot galvanizing, rubberizing, stainless steel
  • Hot gas version up to 400°F
  • ATEX explosion protection


Technical brochure Axial- Centrifugal Fans VAN-VAH-VAR-VRK-VRS
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