WLTP/RDE/CFR§1066/WMTC vehicle test Fahrtwind-Simulatoren VQF

The compact LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators type VQF were specially developed for use in chassis dynamometers, but can also be used universally for other cooling or airflow simulations. They are characterized in particular by the fact that an extremely space-saving installation situation can be achieved thanks to the 90° air deflection. The devices can even be placed directly on the wall without disturbing the aerodynamic values. This is where LTG tangential fans really come into their own: their uniform air flow across the entire outlet width of the fan.

LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators type VQF fulfill all known directives such as WLTP, RDE, CFR §1066 or WMTC and are also available EMV-ILA compliant.

Areas of application include the automotive industry or test laboratories in mechanical and plant engineering. The LTG units are characterized, among other things, by the use of cross-flow fans. Their special flow principle offers decisive advantages.