Rail transport

LTG offers products and solutions that are specially tailored to rail transport, such as slimlined and conspicuous air diffusers and highly efficient tangential fans – ideal for applications in rail-bound vehicles of all kinds: passenger and goods cars, trams, locomotives or people movers at airports. Make sure that your passengers, conductors and goods enjoy ideal conditions. Our linear diffusers are particularly suitable for use in rail transport. They distribute air quietly and without draughts to create a comfortable climate in passenger compartments, driver’s cabs, catering areas and kitchens. LTG fans can be incorporated into trains in many ways. They cool motors, brakes and electronic components in ceilings and under floors, and they run in electrical auxiliary heaters for air curtains installed at doors to keep the steps from freezing. In container cars, they distribute air evenly to ensure that goods arrive fresh and unspoiled. They can be installed in many space-saving ways and can be retrofitted in the course of maintenance or refurbishment. Needless to say, all of our products comply with rail transport regulations.