Commercial vehicles

LTG tangential fans are installed in trucks and buses throughout the world, ensuring excellent air circulation for goods and passengers. Competition in the transport sector is fierce: the world’s roads are jammed with trucks, each trying to get to its destination as fast as possible without suffering damage to its cargo. Even very small changes in technology can provide a competitive edge. Using LTG tangential fans can put you in the fast lane. In semi-trailers, refrigerating units maintain a constant temperature in the cargo area. Homogeneous air distribution is extremely important for preserving the quality of the goods, because even minor fluctuations in temperature can cause spoiling of sensitive goods or shorten their shelf life. The fans installed in these units play an especially important role: by generating an even air flow they ensure optimum air circulation. High-efficiency LTG tangential fans will keep your refrigeration system on the safe side. In buses, roof-mounted air-conditioning systems have been in use for some time. Whether they are installed in tour buses, long-distance coaches or buses for local public transport with alternative drives, LTG tangential fans in these systems distribute the air evenly. They ensure reliable operation of the drive and brake components and provide a comfortable atmosphere for passengers. Machinery and people stay cool even in congested traffic.